Valla Surfboards Est. 1970

Celebrating 50 years of stoke!


From humble beginnings the Joske’s have made a career of creating custom boards with a focus on the traditional roots of surfing. 50 years on, the stoke continues today more then ever.

Valla Surfboards Merchandise

Our Tree Planting Pledge

At Valla Surfboards, we are passionate about preserving our beautiful playgrounds for future generations to enjoy. We pledge to plant one tree, for every garment sold. The trees will be planted on Heath’s property in South Australia where we endeavour to revegetate a baron 390 acres, previously cleared for broadscale agriculture. Revegetating with native Eucalypts, Melaleucas and Acacias, will sequester carbon, provide a diverse environment for local fauna, and help maintain a beautiful environment for our children.

Photo is by Sacha Robinson